Sunday, 27 May 2007

Some pictures from Praia da Luz - Crime Scene

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Picture I

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I think most people couldn't take a look, until now, on images with detailed views of the area from where Madeleine's McCan was abducted. This a rear view of the building where McCann family had their apartment. The window signaled with an arrow is the room where Madeleine was and, probably, it was through this window she was taken from the room.

Picture II

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This a view of the path from McCann's family apartment to Tapas Restaurant. The red arrow points to the front area of the building where, on the ground floor, is the apartment, whose back window is pictured on the first photo. Blue arrow chows the way to a closed area of the Resort, where is the Tapas Restaurant, swimming pool, kindergarten, and other facilities. The entry to this area is controlled and under surveillance.

Picture III

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To the left, the reception of Ocean Club. In the image, Madelein's mother with one of the twins, in one of the daily walks McCann family does. She is going to turn left and follow the path shown in picture II

Picture IV

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“Walking Alone”: Madeleine's parents, carrying the twins, walk from their apartment's door to the inside area of Ocean Club's resort, where is Tapas restaurant and the swimming pool.

Picture V

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Image taken from the area signalled at Picture VI, with the camera over the wall of Ocean club resort.

Picture VI

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An aerial photo, published by revista “Visão” - Nº 740 - May 10, 2007. This picture gives a very clear view from the building Madeleine was, Tapas restaurant, distance, paths and accesses to the restaurant and to the apartments building.